LED Grow Light

Why You Should Grow With LED Grow Light?

The question to consider here is “what type of indoor grow light will your seeds require in order to grow well? The answer to the question is very important because the type of grow light you have determines to a greater extent how well your marijuana will do. As mentioned above, the sunlight remains the best type of light for the growing of any type of seeds because it is natural. However, given that you are not growing your seed outside, you need artificial light that is very similar to sunlight. There are different types of grow lights to use such as LED grow lights, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), metal halide (MH), other fluorescent lighting, high pressure sodium (HPS) and LED grow lights. LED grow lights remain the best.

Reasons why you should grow with LED grow light?

why you should grow with LED grow light

LED grow lighting systems come with a lot of features that give them an edge over other types of lights. Below are the reasons why you should grow with LED grow light

Generation of more light

Best LED grow lights generate more lights than any other types of grow lights. Marijuana like other plants requires lights in order to grow very well. When it comes to light generation, LED grow lighting systems remain unbeatable. They are able to generate not just enough light but lights that are very similar to sunlight than other types of grow lights.

Low heat emission

Marijuana does not grow well under a high temperature. As mentioned above, the temperature requirements of cannabis differs at various points in its growth stages. But in general, high temperature can result in the death of the plant. Therefore, if you are growing weeds in an indoor environment, it is important that use a grow lighting system that has low heat emission. In this regard, LED grows lighting system remains the best. LED light generates less heat. Its ability to generate low heat brings additional advantage. It reduces cost for you. This is because you will spend less on cooling system. Growing under reduce heat will also help the plants to grow well. It is easy to control the heat coming from this type of light. You can reduce it easily during the period when lesser amount of heat is required. You also increase the temperature when your plants require more heat.

Long lifetime

In comparison with other types of lights, LED grow lights have long lifetime. If you install LED lights for the growing of your marijuana, they will last for years for you. There are some models of LED grow lights that can last up to ten years supplying light continuously to the users.

Low energy consumption

They also have low energy consumption rate despite the fact that they generate a lot of light. In other words, you will not spend a lot on energy with this type of light.

Lightweight and flexibility

LED grow lights are also available in slim designs meaning that they will not take up unnecessary space in your grow room. Its slim design and lightweight also makes usage and installation very easy.

More affordable

If you are looking for a more affordable lighting system for indoor growing of marijuana, you should consider using LED grow lights. Though they are more expensive than other types of grow lights but you will gain value for your money in the end thanks to its low energy consumption rate.

There are different brands and models of LED grow lights in the market today. Each brand and its models are unique. They are not equally made. Some are of greater quality than others. If you have made up your mind to buy LED grow light, you should ensure that you buy quality models. Another important point to note here is that some sellers are not reliable. They sell knock-off products in place of originals. You should try to avoid such sellers and make sure that you buy from reliable sellers. Take time to read the reviews and comments the previous buyers made about their experience with the seller before you make any monetary commitment. If you are not sure of the right model to choose or the model that is of great quality, then you should buy a model of reliable and reputable brand which has got positive reviews and comments from consumers.

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