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When it comes to home decorating, outdoor spaces are increasingly becoming a priority.  Outdoor living, outdoor dining and outdoor entertaining are the norm for many homeowners.  And outdoor spaces are an extension of what is on the inside.  Patio furnishings and accessories have come a long, long way in recent times.  No longer is it enough to have a few plastic chairs and a matching plastic table sitting on your deck or patio.  These days, homeowners are looking for patio furnishings and accessories that both reflect their personalities and create a warm, welcoming environment for their guests.  And when it comes to lighting and patio accessories, patio umbrella lights are perhaps one of the most innovative accessories of the time.

Using environmentally friendly solar power or batteries, these lights give a soft glow to your patio while still allowing you to keep the patio umbrella in an up position, which adds interest and coziness to the space.  Patio umbrella lights are available in a few different styles that will both enhance and illuminate your outdoor living space, and they require no intricate installation like other patio lighting options need.

The patio umbrella light that is most popular is the pole mounting style in which the fixture fits around the pole and can be height adjusted.  These umbrella patio lights are disc shaped and open to fit around the pole.  They’re normally battery operated and many feature rechargeable batteries.  The lighting time for this type of patio light is about 35 to 40 hours before batteries need replacing.  While there are different types of pole mounting patio umbrella lights, most are created to fit a 1 to 3 inch pole however, so be sure to check measurements before purchasing.

Another style in patio umbrella lights are the chandelier style lights.  These fixtures clamp onto the umbrella pole and illuminate the space with style and sophistication.  They can be mounted with the lights aiming upward or downward and are usually battery operated or feature a low voltage model with a transformer for power, although you may be able to also find a few styles of solar chandelier lights available for patio umbrella use.

These are just some of the styles available to light up the area under your patio umbrella so you can enjoy the ambiance at night and get more use out of your patio even after the sun goes down.  You will also find other styles of lights that you can use along with your patio umbrella, such as lights that look like candelabras and provide a romantic and intimate feel, as well as patio string lighting that can be draped along the edges of the umbrella for a more festive feel.

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive and creative way to add more outside lighting around your patio, then consider one of the varied styles of patio umbrella lights that are available either in stores or online.

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