line voltage landscape lighting

Line Voltage Landcape Lighting

Although less popular than other types of landscape lighting, line voltage landscape lighting is one option that residential homeowners may want to consider.  Line voltage landscape lighting is more often used by commercial properties, since line voltage landscape lights can be very bright, increasing the light’s impact and enhancing security.

What is line voltage landscape lighting?

Line voltage landscape lighting is landscape lighting that uses 120v lines.  This results in brighter and more powerful lighting than low voltage or solar landscape lighting, but it also requires quite a bit more effort and expense to install.

How is line voltage landscape lighting installed?

If you are interested in installing line voltage landscape lighting, the first thing you should do is hire a licensed electrician.  This is because the average do-it-yourselfer should not attempt to install 120v electrical lines on their own due to the inherent risk involved.  This risk can result in personal injury during the installation of line voltage landscape lights as well as subsequent fire risks if the electrical lines are not run properly.

When an electrician installs line voltage landscape lighting, the first thing that he must do is to place 120v outdoor lighting cable into a conduit for protection and then lay the conduit 18” below the surface.  The cables and conduit must be laid out in such a way that electricity will be delivered to all locations around the home that will require lighting.  In order to properly lay the conduit and cable properly, a deep trench must be dug.  Some professional electricians will own a trencher to do this job, making easier work of burying the cable.

At all connection points between line voltage landscape lights and connecting cables, there must be sealed junction boxes that are completely waterproof.  If water enters the area where connections are made, it can result in a serious shocking hazard.

Why choose line voltage landscape lighting?

solar power landscape lighting

The main reason that 120v line voltage landscape lighting is chosen over low voltage or solar landscape lighting is that a line voltage landscape light will be brighter and emit more directed light than other types of landscape lights. With increasingly developed technology, green energy is always preferred so choosing the best solar landscape lights is a good fit for all families. This benefit is important enough for some homeowners to go through the expense and effort of having line voltage landscape lighting professionally installed.  One place that the difference in landscape lighting brightness is noticeable is for up-lighting.  This is when landscape spot lights are situated strategically amongst the landscaping and are pointed up at trees, the side of the house or another interesting feature to create visual impact.  Low voltage and solar options don’t have the power or emit a bright enough light to make this type of lighting work effectively.

For those that need a good deal of bright light spread amongst the landscaping, whether on a residential or commercial property, line voltage landscape lighting is the option to choose.  There’s no comparison to the level of light emitted from these types of lights compared to other lighting types.

Why not choose line voltage landscape lighting?

The main reason not to go with this type of lighting is the expense.  Line voltage landscape lights cost much more to install than low voltage or solar lights.  The line voltage lights themselves are also more expensive to purchase.  And, line voltage lighting results in higher electricity bills and uses up more energy.  One other reason to think about another type of lighting is that line voltage landscape lights are not available in as many styles and finishes as other types of landscape lighting.

Where to buy line voltage landscape lights?

You can buy 120v line voltage landscape lights at most retailers that sell outdoor landscape lighting.  This includes lighting stores, home improvement stores and other types of big box retailers.  You can also buy line voltage landscape lighting online from a wide variety of internet retailers.  Since you may find a smaller selection of line voltage landscape lights available at your local store as more and more homeowners are opting for solar and low voltage landscape lighting, you should find a wider selection of lights to choose from by searching online.  Some popular brands of line voltage landscape lighting are Hinkley Lighting and Kichler.

What do line voltage landscape lights cost?

You can expect line voltage landscape lighting prices to be higher than similar types of low voltage or solar lights.  Prices will vary widely depending on the type of light you are buying, the size of the light, the decorative finishes and the manufacturer, but you should expect on average to spend about $50 – $200 per line voltage landscape light.  This of course does not include the price of hiring an electrician to run the lines, make the connections and install the lights, which can be a very expensive undertaking.  The good news, however, is that once the line voltage landscape lighting is installed, it can remain in place providing years and years of bright light and  adding impact, security and attractiveness to your exterior landscape décor.

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