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2 Things To Consider When Lighting Your Garden

Solar garden lights can help you turn your ho-hum garden into the talk of the neighborhood.  If you are looking to build a great flower garden (or even a vegetable garden that has some aesthetic appeal), then you will probably want to build it yourself so you can get the feeling of satisfaction from a job well done.  If that’s the case, you’ll bring out the hoes and the shovels and dig up the packed ground so it turns into loose soil.  The beds will be created, the plants put into the ground and the mulch spread over the surface.  The result is a fantastic looking garden that has the neighbors envious and you smiling from ear to ear.

But what happens to your garden night?  With the sun going down, you will not be able to see your masterpiece.  So what should you do?  The answer is – buy solar garden lights and install them in your garden.  By doing so, you will keep the focus on your beautiful garden even after the sun goes down, and you won’t have to worry about hiring a professional electrician to get your lights installed or running up your electric bill.

Two Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights are the most used type of solar lights on the market today.  Two of the things you will need to focus on are the ease of installation and the solar panels that come with the light.

The ease of installation is a no brainer.  Most solar garden lights are extremely easy to install.  The lights that are used for low lighting or for uplighting are typically staked into the ground.  Those lights that are used to shine down on an area are mounted (usually with just a screwdriver and a screw or two) to a vertical surface so they can be situated at any height you need.  There are no wires to run or trenches to dig, so all you need to do is situate them properly, secure them, and you’re done.

The solar panels are something to consider as well.  Some lights have the panel built directly into the light, but other solar garden lights have the panels separate from the light.  This allows you to install the light in an area that gets 100% shade during the day by putting the collector panel out in the sun nearby.  You should consider the location of your lights before you decide on which type of model to buy.

These are just two of the aspects to address when considering solar garden lights as a landscape lightingchoice for your garden.  By adding a few of these solar powered lights, you can add interest and excitement to the garden you cherish by day, even when the sun goes down!

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