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Line Voltage Landcape Lighting

Although less popular than other types of landscape lighting, line voltage landscape lighting is one option that residential homeowners may want to consider.  Line voltage landscape lighting is more often used by commercial properties, since line voltage landscape lights can be very bright, increasing the light’s impact and enhancing security. What is line voltage landscape… Read More »


When it comes to home decorating, outdoor spaces are increasingly becoming a priority.  Outdoor living, outdoor dining and outdoor entertaining are the norm for many homeowners.  And outdoor spaces are an extension of what is on the inside.  Patio furnishings and accessories have come a long, long way in recent times.  No longer is it… Read More »

Selecting Solar Lighting For Your Garden

Solar lighting is an excellent way to save money and to create an attractive display of light for your outdoor areas.  Solar lights are ideal around gardens and covered patio spaces, as well as other exterior locations, coming in a wide variety of designs and sizes that are sure to find a use no matter what your outdoor… Read More »

Illuminate Your Garden With Stylish Lighting

Garden lights are an elegant way to illuminate your garden and other outdoor areas.  Lights can serve many different purposes and are available in a variety of styles.  There are so many different types of lighting to choose from, so you should have no problem finding just the right combination of outside lights to get… Read More »