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Solar Fairy Light Net

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The Solar Fairy Light Net is the highest standard of solar fairy light available and will enhance any space at night. Place the Solar Fairy Light Net anywhere outside, locate the remote solar panel to get a decent mount of daylight and then the lights will run free of charge, with out the need for costly power cables or electricians to install.

We think these fairy lights beat mains powered fairy lights as:

  • They are just as bright as mains powered LED lights.
  • There are no running cost.
Solar Fairy Light Net - Night Image
  • They don't need mains power and so are consequently safer, as they are powered by small low voltage rather than 240V mains power.
  • They are easier to install, as no mains power connection or electrician required.
  • As bright as mains powered LED fairy lights.  
  • A sophisticated light sensor turns the light on & off at night. 
  • They are environmentally friendly.

The net couldn't be simpler to install. Once the fairy lights and panel have been positioned hit the power button and your off. The remote solar panel comes with clip and spike depending on whether you need to place in the ground or clip to something to get better light.

Cleverly the unit has a timer mode to preserve the battery charge during the winter months or during long periods of very dull days, so that you can enjoy the lights on consecutive nights. With this you adjust the solar fairy lights to turn off after 6, 8 or 10 hours, rather than waiting until dawn (typically 14 hours in winter).

Key Technical Aspects:

- Turn on at night following charging during day with 1 hour of direct sunlight giving enough power for 2 hours at night. When fully charged the Solar Fairy Light Net will light for 20 hours.
- As bright as mains powered lights.
- The associated remote solar panel means the fariy lights can be located anywhere even in dark shrubbery. 2m of cable is provided between the cable and lights.
- Lights turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn.
- Our solar fairy light nets have 6 lighting modes: Alternating, chasing, slow flash, fast flash, fast flicker and all lights on.
- Battery saving timer mode.
- Product is completely weather proof.
- 2 year limited warranty.
- Dimensions: 2.6m wide x 1.3m high. 


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