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  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

    Spend every week in the summer creating a beautiful garden only for it to be hidden in darkness half the year? Why not illuminate you garden with our outdoor lighting solutions such as fairy lights, wall lights and lanterns.
  • Security Lights

    Security Lights

    Security lighting is very important so we only sell you the best security lights. We offer both solar lights and mains lights to fit your needs.
  • Solar Lights

    Solar Lighting

    At Garden Lighting Outlet we care for the environment and your electricity bills. So why pay higher bills when you can switch to solar lighting for your garden. There are big advantages besides saving money, such as haveing portable solar lighting which can be placed anywhere in the garden without the concern of wiring.
  • Patio Lights

    Patio Lights

    Lighting your patio is a great way to create a good looking garden. You can also use patio lights for path lighting at the front or side of your house.

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The Benefits of Solar Lights


Solar powered garden lights can be the perfect solution for many outdoor lighting needs.
These are perhaps the most commonly purchased and widely developed type of solar technology available today. They get their name from the fact that they use solar panels to power their bulbs at night, and are often a first pick among buys for their garden lighting scheme.
Solar powered garden lights generate and store solar energy through solar cells within the fixture. How much direct sunlight a solar light is exposed to will determine how long the light will work at night.
For optimum results from solar lighting, northern exposure to sunlight can greatly increase how long the lights will work at night, while southern exposure and shade can reduce their output.

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Garden Lighting Maintenance

When maintaining a garden lamp post it is important to use a suitable paint. Many normal paints will be unsuitable as the protective barrier they offer does not give adequate protection against the elements, we recommend the use of Hammerite or similar, which is designed for use in hardy conditions and will provide the necessary skin to protect the cast iron from rusting.

We recommend you consider repainting your lamp post every 1 -2 years depending on conditions.

If your lamp post has any copper components, then these two will also start to tarnish over time. Copper however when rusting, produces a verdigris coloured skin which is often highly sort after.

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